Digital 1.0MP Microscope Camera - MOTICAM A1


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Moticam A1

The Moticam A1 is the ideal starter kit for anyone wishing to turn their current microscope into a digital system. Attractively priced and fully equipped with all necessary accessories, this sCMOS camera delivers the Moticam Ethos in an affordable package.

Sensor size: 1/3.1"
Capture resolution: 1MP
Live display modes: 1280x720, 1024x768
Pixel size: 4.1x4.1 micron
Max fps: 30fps
Lens mount: C-mount
Operating system: Windows 10 or higher, OSX 10.9 or higher
Software: MotiConnect available for free download (Free updates included)
Included accessories: Focusable lens, 30mm and 38mm eyepiece adapters, calibration slide, macro viewing tube, C-ring, USB cable, dust cap