Digital WiFi Microscope Camera - MOTICAM X5


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Unlock the power of your microscope with the Moticam X5. With the capability to stream live images to your WiFi enabled tablet, cell phone, or computer, connect up to six devices without the need for a router. Download the free MotiConnect app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

The Moticam X5 is a high resolution streaming WiFi camera. By creating its own WiFi signal, simply connect with your Android or iOS device and view, capture, and edit live images from your microscope with our free MotiConnect app. Download it today!

iOS: Tablet or Phone Devices with free downloadable App MotiConnect (at the App Store)
Android: Tablet or Phone Devices with free downloadable App MotiConnect (at the Google Play Store)
Web Browser: Universal Viewer with almost any HTML 5 supported Web browser (via camera IP address)
Wireless Computer: WiFi enabled PC or Laptop with Motic Images Plus 
5Ghz compatible device with H264 hardware required for fast display viewing


CS ring adaptor
2 ea. Eyepieces adaptors to fit eyepiece O.D.’s of 28mm - 38mm.
USB cable (removable) for use with switching power adapter
Calibration slides
Software CD Motic Images 3.0
Macro Viewing Tube


Sensor Type: CMOS
2.4Ghz and 5Ghz compatible
Up to 30fps with 5Ghz compatible device
Captured Resolution: 4.0MP
Live Image: 1920x1080 or 1280x720
Focusable Lens: 12 mm
Power Supply: Through provided switching power adapter
Connector: RJ45


Android or iOS Ready Device
WiFi Adapter (PC and MAC only)