Lab Manual

National "Learning Biology with a Digital Microscope" Lab Manual

Over a year in the making, National Optical Instruments is pleased to collaborate with TERC, a leader in STEM research, to produce the first Swift Lab Manual for use with National Digital Microscopes and Digital Imaging software.

This manual is geared towards high school grades (9-12) biology courses, but is adaptable to other grade levels. It contains 20 Hands-on Activities, divided into four theme-based units, which can be done in order, or as individual units with appropriate preparation.

The manual is linked with National and Key-state biology/life science standards (Texas, New York, California and Florida) and with four nationally recognized high school biology textbooks.

This lab manual provides endless opportunities for students to explore the living world. The teacher-friendly nature makes it a valuable resource in the classroom. The step-by step instructions on the Student sheets are easy to follow insuring that the activities are classroom ready. It is sure to become a “must –have” in every biology classroom.

“Learning Biology with a Digital Microscope” is a great companion to a single or a classroom set of National Digital microscopes or for use alone.